European Squatting Meeting in Barcelona

Next 17, 18, 19, and 20 of June, a European Squatting
Meeting will be held in the ?CSO La Forsa? (Avenida de la Fama, 41,
Cornella de Llobregat – Barcelona), so we are contacting groups across
Europe who are interested in participate.

To join the meeting and / or submitting information, you can get
in contact with us at:

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Wednesday 16 June

Arrival & Welcome: Food,
Drinks & Live Music (Txaranga)

Thursday 17 June


Opening: Presentation of the different squats presents
Historical Context: Beginning of the squat movement in Europe
Political Context: Legal framework, repression and response strategies
(Contacts and agreements with the state, response on the street,
assimilation of evictions … )
? Present and Future
Connexions with other struggles

We´d like that every collective
could make a little scheme of this to tackle it better.


We would like to expose different
strategies against repression followed in different spaces and places
and their long-term effects: legalizations, agreements, different kinds
of direct response against evictions and its effects of the activities
of the spaces (such as the reception of children, support groups
outlawed …)

Friday 18 June

Morning Program

Exhibition of different particular cases of ways of acting against
evictions trying to accommodate the existing diversity.
(To Be
specified but we want cases sufficiently representative into the direct

Evening Program

Consequences of
different types of reaction to evictions: Legal, personal and movements
long-term effects?…

Saturday 19 June

Morning Program

Air: Food & Theater


Evening Program

Exhibition of different struggles with the squat movement as a
catalyst or as a support for their development.

Sunday 20

Morning Program

Police repression
and different methods of repression, see if there is an underlying
political purpose at the European level and seek to form a general
picture of it for a European legal perspective of the map and the
national and local nuances (Commonalities and differences between
countries and areas …) Any trends in common? Are they using the same
methods of repression? (Increased penalties, penalties of areas not
previously legislated sentences, fines penalties, tightening of the
evictions, more or less aggressive or spectacular of these, proposals
for legalization and recovery of the spaces …)

Evening Program

Police and European police networks,
how they affect us, development and effective action (DNA, databases,
files police activists, agreed the closure of borders …)

and future proposals

Closing Event: Drinks and Live Music

sessions in the morning as the afternoon will be divided into two
blocks with a break in the middle. We provide simultaneous