More Squatting Films

A channel on YouTube Spirit Of Squatters has plenty of squatting films revolving particularly around the new laws in the Netherlands banning squatting which came into force on October 1st this year. Partiocualry detestable anti squatting corporations have been lobbying governments in the Netherlands, Belgium, France ( who has bpassed legislation thanks to Camelot ) and the UK about squatting. They have been making a  lot of money out of evicting squatters and taking over buildings ( with draconian rules ) and letting them to ‘euro-yuppies’. Camelot Property Management have office in the UK in Islington along with another Dutch ‘anti-krak’ firm, Ad Hoc. They boast on their website of changing law through their lobbying. Hows that for democracy? 

Another blog hosts some squatting documentaries you may also find of interest here.