Squattastic 12th December London

In the face of government plans to introduce a law of intentional
trespass and make squatting illegal, there’s a day of debates &
workshops at Colourama on how we can organize and resist:

Come to 52-56 Lancaster Street, SE1 on Sunday 12th December from 2pm.
There’ll be a meal, so bring your favourite dish to share.

Keep an eye on the website: http://squattastic.blogspot.com. And please pass on the flier ( available there ) if you can: 

Squatters could be fined or even jailed under plans being considered by ministers.

At present, homeowners in England have to obtain an order from the civil courts to force squatters to leave.

But the Ministry of Justice is looking at how to strengthen the law, and
one option is to make squatting a criminal offence as it is in

Squatters north of the border can be fined £200 and jailed for up to 21 days if they fail to pay the penalty.

A review is also examining if interim possession orders, requiring
squatters to leave a property, could be granted by the courts within 24
hours rather than taking up to a week.

Housing minister Grant Shapps told the Standard: ?We are looking at
whether the balance in the law on squatting is right or whether
home-owners need better protection.

?Squatting is wrong and the Government is keen to ensure that all the
proper measures are in place to help legitimate homeowners get their
property back.?

In Scotland, the owner or lawful occupier of a property has the right to
evict squatters without giving any notice or applying for an eviction
order, but must not break the law by using violence.

There is a Europe wide crackdown even in the Netherlands:
A timeline of actions in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands during the squatting ban

Squatting is a neccesity in most cases.. Im not defending the trustafarians.. but those who have no other options…

There are almost 652,000 empty homes in England as a whole, according to the Empty Homes Agency. source

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CAB enquiries continue to rise: homelessness and rent arrears among fastest growing problems
24 November 2010

Citizens Advice Bureaux across England and Wales dealt with 14% more
housing problems in the three months July ? September 2010 compared with
the same period last year.
New figures show that in the second quarter (Q2) of this financial year
(2010/11) the overall rise in housing problems was fuelled by big
increases in enquiries about homelessness, both actual and threatened.
At the same time bureaux continued to deal with a big increase in rent
arrears to private landlords.
?Actual or threatened homelessness problems rose 22% (from 20,289 to 24,720)
?Rent arrears to private landlords rose 19% (from 5,876 to 7,020)
?Problems with access to accommodation rose 20% (from 8,305 to 9,952)