Some Recent emails to ASS and responses

Some recent emails to ASS and some responses:

1.On 06/09/2011 16:31, uthred wrote:

I find your website disgusting. How can you actually sit there and encourage people to brake (sic) and enter? Maybe you will say it is still ‘legal’ to squat in this country?
But morally this is one of the most horredous (sic) things I have ever seen. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Do you ACTUALLY realise the hurt and stress it causes to people who come home to find their home has been taken over by the lazy and feckless?
You are pathetic.
ASS response:Greetings from the real world .The world as portrayed by the mass media is generally full of lies. Certainly what is being printed at the moment is incorrect.Squatters occupy empty property.Property owners like to tell lies to get sympathy when their second or third homes get requisitioned, but that is no reason for you to believe them.
2.On 06/09/2011 11:51, Robert wrote:
You people are all dirty foul scum who should be gassed. You are lazy non-contributing low life and soon your sad way of life will be up. You should all rot in hell.
Best wishes

ASS response:

Hi Bob

We are actually all volunteers helping homeless people to house themselves.
It is quite objectionable to suggest that any humans should be gassed, and you must have a very strange religion if you think that this is OK but we will be in some kind of hell.
Please stop reading rubbish newspapers and sending abuse.

3.On 06/09/2011 11:28, chris wrote:

After reading about the case involving the occupation of the property of Julia High in Leytonstone I feel it prudent to provide you with some feedback.

The fact that you even exist is a complete and utter slap in the face for honest hardworking property owners.I hope your organisation is proud of encouraging what can ethically be regarded as stealing.You are no better than the opportunistic looters in many people’s eyes. I now feel compelled to write to my local MP to prompt debate on the terrible laws that protect squatters.
Chris , Derby,

ASS response:

Hi Chris

Presumably you are basing your opinions on what the media have said, rather than on the press release from the Metropolitan Police, which gave rather a different story.
We will continue to advise homeless people on how to house themselves
4.On 05/09/2011 21:41, christopher halligan wrote:

i was wondering have you any advice on how to obliterate these scummy squatters of the face of the earth and the people who are assisting

them in bending the law, you are the lowest of the lowest scum on the planet earth, dirty rotten soon to be law breaking rats

ASS response:
I can’t advise you on how to obliterate anyone “of [sic] the face of the earth” as this would almost certainly be conspiracy to commit an illegal
act. You appear to have misunderstood the kind of advice we offer, as we in actual fact advise homeless people on how to stay within the law when
it comes to housing themselves.
I hope this helps,
Lesley Jones

Chris again Hi Chris,

hi lesley i dont misunderstand what you and your partners do regarding bending the law, as far as i and the rest of the law abiding tax payer and legal uk citizen see is that you advise homeless,druggies and illegals to trespass peoples homes and cost the taxpayer funds in legal aid, i would regard squatters in the same regard as a burglar breaking into my home and take the necessary action  to protect my belongings and my well being, if it turned violent so be it, when  and am sure it will a home owner will dish out the correct punishment to these scum then the public see it any sympathy for the scum witnessed on tv will be nil. the sooner clarke gets this law up and running the better so we can deport some of the illegal immigrants from these shores and i hope the council appeal the decision made by that pathetic female judge, regards chris
5.Subject: Shocking. Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 11:55:08 +0000
Good Afternoon, I feel that i have to contact you directly to air my views, about the situation of Camden Council giving out a list of unoccupied properties for scum to squat in.
Your organisation is a disgrace and should be should be shut down with immediate effect, the fact that you support scum stealing, damaging other peoples property and belonging is contemptible and makes you no worse than Nazi’s. I bet you are all so proud of the work you do supporting people that contribute nothing to the country or the economy, whilst taking everything from honest hard working LAW abiding citizens.
Should i ever find anybody squatting in my property or that of friends and family, they will quickly feel the full force or rough justice, quite frankly make me ashamed and quick sick.
I genuinely hope that the worse possible situations happen to each and everyone of you.
Now please fuck off and die before you pollute this country with your offenses again the majority that live and work inside the law.

Followed, next day by;

Your lack of response is a disgrace, just like the people you help to break the law.

Quiet frankly i’m disgusted by your lack of morality and and glad that your spineless attitude means that i will not have to read any more filth you write.
Good luck with your cowardly company and I forward to your imminent closure in light of the changes in Squatting Laws and once the general public find out what you do.

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