1st birthday of S144

Dear Persons Unknown:

You are cordially
invited to attend the
1st birthday of S144
street party near you

September 1st, 2013

Wish list:
-Banner Drops
-Other fun things

On the 1st of September squatting residential properties will
have been illegal for 1 year.
In this year, people were kicked out of their homes, forced to
pay fines, went to prison, and even died because of this law.
Against a backdrop of rising homelessness, unemployment
and attacks on housing benefit, the rich pass laws in their own
interest. The ruling class want to restrict our housing options
still further – to push us out of our homes and out of our cities.
Get together with your squatmates and other precariously
housed people to prepare the coming birthday celebrations.
Come together, empower each other, and organise to fight
back against attacks on all our housing.
We can fight by resisting evictions, refusing increased rents
and creating new spaces and opportunities for ourselves by
taking possession of unused property. Let’s mark this
anniversary by reminding ourselves and others that we are
still here and these options will continue to exist law or no
These struggles are at their most basic the fight for shelter.
We will not “demand our rights” or beg for the minimum, but
take what we need.
Fill the empties not the prisons!
Repeal section 144!
What present will you give?