evictions halted

Because of the pandemic, eviction court cases and enforcement have been stopped from 27th March to 29th October, possibly to be extended.

Of course landlords and others may try other methods so keep prepared, and let us know.

office issues

the office has not been open for a bit, due to leccy works as well as keeping safe from the virus.

we’re trying to get back on top of emails and any other messages, but sorry if you’ve not heard anything.

stay safe

respond to Government plans to strengthen police powers against Gypsies and Travellers

Friends Families and Travellers have designed a simple way to respond to the latest planned attacks https://www.gypsy-traveller.org/how-to-respond-to-government-plans-to-strengthen-police-powers-against-gypsies-and-travellers/

but you might also want to read up on the threats on their website and respond more fully