About BAR

Bath Against Racism (BAR) is a community-led group set up in response to the recent targeting of Bath and the surrounding area by various Far-Right organisations. Our aim is to push back against those who would sow hate and division within our communities. Racism, white supremacy, extreme forms of nationalism, fascism, religious intolerance and the scapegoating of ethnic minorities is not welcome in our city. BAR is not affiliated to any political organisation and is willing to work with all those who share our objectives, be they community groups, sports clubs, local businesses, colleges, faith groups, unions or local institutions, so that we can build as broad a coalition as possible. We would also greatly appreciate any information on instances of Far-Right leafletting, sticker campaigns, graffiti etc. along with the location and date. Photographs of the offending material are also useful. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence.