IP address changes that affect those blogs with bespoke web addresses.

Note: On the 4th November 2011 our IP address changed to 

We recommend that all network23 users that use bespoke web addresses for their blogs, as opposed to network23.org addresses, do the following:

  1. Remove any existing A (Address) record mappings to the old IP address.
  2. Add new CNAME (Canonical Name) record mappings to network23.org. – note that you will need to include the trailing full stop, unless this is already done for you.
  3. Wait a while for the changes to take affect: this may be up to 24 hours depending on how the Internet’s feeling.  Please also email n23 (dev23 _at_ lists _dot_ riseup _dot_ net) to let us know you’ve done this.

If using your own bespoke web address, do take note that you will receive SSL certificate errors if you use https in front of your web address.  Unfortunately for technical reasons we cannot support https on your own domain name, so please use http to avoid these errors.

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