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Podcasting PlugIn

Podcasting PlugIn

Configuring your Podcasting Settings

From your dashboard select Settings > Podcasting.

Then you can fill in the basic details about your podcast including its name, an associated image and so on.

You can then set up how you want the audio player to look on your page. I use the following settings which work well for me. Try them out and alter them if you need to.

Player Location: Before Content
Text Below the Player:
Download the audio file
Download Link Text:
Player width:
Use Video Player:

Adding Audio to your page

To add an audio player to your page and include an audio file in your podcast you need to add the URL of your audio file to the Podcasting box at the bottom of your page when you Add a Post.

Navigate to your new post page in your usual way and look to the bottom of the middle of the page.

Enter the location of your mp3 file in the File URL box of the Podcasting section. Some Blogs will let you upload audio files, others may ask you to upload large files to other services like the Internet Archive (

You can then add other information to the podcast by filling out the boxes that you are offered.

When you save the page you should see a result like the following.

Using the Podcast Plugin

Network 23 blogs has a new podcast plugin which allows you to include an mp3 that you have uploaded elsewhere in your Blog. It’ll then get added to your RSS feed for the blog to create a ‘podcast’.