don’t spam us

Any one can request a blog at anyone. Ok, whether we will give it is another question. But it really is very rarely that we do not. Most often, if we do not grant a requested blog is because we have asked for just a bit more information about the future contents and there has been no answer.

But, again, anyone can request a blog, and every volunteer, with each request, receives an email, and we all read it.

So please do not spam us.

Do not fill up the request with spam.

Like this person did:

Your name (or alias)
Larry Fitzgerald

A contact email address

Your new blog\’s name

Your organisation or group (if applicable)

The purpose of your blog

The web address for your blog –
rafael (fletaport) garcia bouved veracruz 9 subsotano c Madrid Spain

Description of your blog
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Because if we do, I will publish it here and it will look very bad on you. And spam machines may pick up your email address and start spamming you too.

Which is bad.

So please do not spam us.