So you want to volunteer with Aktivix?

There is a bank account to help out financially.
Wait, you want to become an aktivix volunteer/admin, too?
Let’s start with …

Tell us more about yourself, who you are, what your tech-activist
background is, why you want to help, why we should want you to help,
where you are, why you’re contacting us from a gmail address, etc.

Corporate email services

This is a collection of links to pages that say why it is not a good idea to use certain email providers











The hard labours of a list creator

Or the answers you want for the difficult questions.

Q: I need a list. How do I get authorised?

A: getting authorised involves a long and arduous process of induction into the ways of AktiviX, which only a select few survive. the perils are great, and the rewards are, erm, spending large amounts of time answering requests from members of the public. you’re welcome to apply to become One Of Us if you’d like, but in the short term, there’s an easier way:

[Just tell us what name you want for your list]

POP3 or imap

This is a quick answer to a quick question. It just got useful enough to publish here.

Short answer:

pop3 if you have an intermitent internet connection, for example on the phone line as it was common years ago, where you would connect as if it was a phonecall so you would just fetch your emails quickly and then read them offline to free the line up for phonecalls.
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On tech, activism and BarnCamp

These are extracts from a list discussion between “tech” and “non-tech” people. I found them useful for a wider public, for even wider discussion, even for reference for the future. That is another way blogs can be used for.

Excuse the plagiarism.

“[…] The only way, in my honest opinion, for righteous techs to help activists be more tech savy is to […] seeing how the world looks from a non techy activist mindset.. and then to take the […] steps required to cater to the needs of people who do not feel or think the same way as techs do […],

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HactionLab has run apparently for a few years, with two events, one in the summer in a farm, and one in the winter in a city. This year’s summer event, BarnCamp, is going to be over three full days: Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th, at Highbury Farm again and it’s live on the web at
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Hotmail keeps bouncing my emails

Are you having problems between your cool email service provider and corporate email providers?

For the purpose of this explanation, a “cool email provider” is a provider listed as signatories of the statement on Data Retention on this page:
or here:
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