Privacy is not terrorism

On Tuesday 16th December 2014, a large police operation took place in the Spanish State. Fourteen houses and social centres were raided in Barcelona, Sabadell, Manresa and Madrid; books, leaflets and IT material were seized; and eleven people were arrested and sent to the Audiència Nacional, a special court handling issues of “national interest”, in Madrid. Continue reading

Anonymous blogging

Some how, for some reason has ended up on wikipedia.

Yes such thing is offered by network23. An email address is necessary, for things like sending users their new passwords or generally keeping in touch. That’s all is needed, and a general feel of what the blog will be about as well – we may reject a request for hierarchical groupings like … hooligans. Continue reading

So you want to volunteer with Aktivix?

There is a bank account to help out financially.
Wait, you want to become an aktivix volunteer/admin, too?
Let’s start with …

Tell us more about yourself, who you are, what your tech-activist
background is, why you want to help, why we should want you to help,
where you are, why you’re contacting us from a gmail address, etc.

Corporate email services

This is a collection of links to pages that say why it is not a good idea to use certain email providers









ProtonMail Did It Again: Secretly Changed Transparency Report from ProtonMail

Protonmail’s case on real-time surveillance article is not available in 2020

There is a copy on the webarchive There are, however, reports and comments on the article now deleted: screenshot for good measure?



The hard labours of a list creator

Or the answers you want for the difficult questions.

Q: I need a list. How do I get authorised?

A: getting authorised involves a long and arduous process of induction into the ways of AktiviX, which only a select few survive. the perils are great, and the rewards are, erm, spending large amounts of time answering requests from members of the public. you’re welcome to apply to become One Of Us if you’d like, but in the short term, there’s an easier way:

[Just tell us what name you want for your list]

POP3 or imap

This is a quick answer to a quick question. It just got useful enough to publish here.

Short answer:

pop3 if you have an intermitent internet connection, for example on the phone line as it was common years ago, where you would connect as if it was a phonecall so you would just fetch your emails quickly and then read them offline to free the line up for phonecalls.
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