Growing opposition to Britain First’s pathetic ‘national tour’

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Britain First – the new kids on the block of right-wing racial and religious hatred – have spent the last few days on a ‘national tour’ of pub function rooms. Previous to this their main activity has been a series of controversial publicity stunts ‘invading’ mosques. With a notable lack of irony they chose to protest against Muslims supposedly imposing Islam on everyone by forcing their way into mosques around the country, intimidating elderly Muslims and forcing Bibles into their hands.

They have got a bunch of publicity and a lot of Facebook ‘likes’ from stunts involving a handful of members, but have never held a demo or been forced to show their hand on the streets in terms of how much support they actually have. So the last few days of their ‘national tour’ have been an interesting illustration of how Facebook likes relate to real world boots on the street, i.e. not at all – you might have got a lot of clicks for posting up pictures of sick puppies and Rik Mayall, but that doesn’t mean anyone’s willing to leave the house for you.

Thursday – Glasgow

The tour got off to a bad start in Glasgow on Thursday as a grand total of 18 fascists turned up (eventually!) to be met by a couple of hundred anti-fascists. Most of the 18 were the same halfwits who invade mosques
, i.e. they brought them with them – not locals.

A Scottish comrade writes: “Where was Britain First? Nazi Britain First stood us up tonight in Glasgow! Where was the leadership? Despite the menacing talk and threats, they were a no show at 7.30 pm tonight at Cessnock Subway – their publicly advertised meeting place and time. On the Britain First Facebook page they were ‘Calling all loyal Scottish Patriots’ to come join them at this time. Looks like they didn’t bother!”

“Eventually towards the end about 5 members of Nazi Britain First straggled out of neighbouring side streets, close to our counter demo and were quickly opposed to shouts of ‘Nazi scum of our streets’.”

“It was apparent from Britain First’s lack of appearance tonight, that they do not have the confidence, the leadership or cadre to take to the streets (pre-announced) and be challenged by organised local communities and workers. Britain First prefer to arrive unannounced and to invade mosques during the daytime where their only challenge is Muslim elders.”


Newcastle  – Friday

In Newcastle on Friday, Britain First met at the Forest Hall Workmans Social Club. They appeared to have lost a few as only 13 turned up. Most of the 13 were the halfwits who invade mosques

‘Sheffield’ – Saturday

Britain First’s gig in ‘Sheffield’ on Saturday was actually in Dronfield, which is in a different county! They had booked the meeting in a pub under a false name and when the pub found out who they were hosting, Britain First had their event cancelled got told to fuck off when they turned up. They ended up having to meet on a patch of grass by Dronfield station.

If you’re in the area, support the pub that told Britain First to go elsewhere.

Wigan – Sunday


On Sunday in Wigan the fascists were down to 8 actual punters in addition to the usual goon squad. Yet again the secret location of their meeting was rumbled by anti-fascists. When fascists showed up at the Park Lane Club in Bryn they got chased by 20 anti-fascists. The police turned up and Britain First’s leader Paul Golding was forced to hide (no doubt unwillingly) in an Asian corner shop.


Up next…

So for a new far-right street movement hoping to seize the EDL’s mantle as thugs-du-jour they are hardly covering themselves in glory so far. They havent managed more than 20 people anywhere even if you include the leadership and all the goons that travel with them, despite their 500k Facebook likes!

The next dates for Britain First’s  pathetic attempt to drag their sorry caravan of racism around the country are:
*18th July – Coventry
*19th July – Dartford
*20th July – Bristol
*23rd July – Belfast

Locals in some of these areas are organising to oppose the dismal convoy of Nazis. Give them your support!

More information about Britain First here

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