July 25 – International Day of Solidarity With Antifascist Prisoners

We are calling on anti-fascists around the world to begin planning to take action on that day to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are locked up because they stood up against bigotry and hatred. Antifascism is always self defence!

Here in Bristol we invite you to join us writing letters and cards to imprisoned comrades and for a solidarity banner photo.

Meet 6pm, July 25th on the hill (locally known as “the mound”) in St Werburgh’s. Access via lane to the left of Undercover Rock climbing centre. Writing materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own. We will maintain physical distancing throughout the solidarity letter writing and banner drop.

For more info, history, resources and lists of antifascist prisoners: https://supportantifaprisoners.wordpress.com/

Support local antifascists

From crowdfunder page sent to us:


“Please support antifascists from Bristol who have been repeatedly targeted by the police for being active antifascists. A particularly heavy fine of £1500 was imposed on one antifascist, a person of colour, who has also been experiencing significant intimidation and harassment from local officers.

Three antifascists are currently facing bogus charges from a “total policing”, Draconian operation to prevent opposition to a far-right demonstration in Dewsbury on 12th October.

This repression is intended to wear us down and intimidate us. It is also designed to waste our time and effort with fundraising to pay for numerous journeys to court and to pay the fines imposed.

We need to show the authorities that it will not work. Please show your solidarity and support by making a donation towards our target of £1000. “