Tedworth blatant hunting attempts stopped.

A long and tiring sab yesterday joining up with our pals from Pewsey & Southampton to pay The Tedworth Hunt a visit. We left the meet on foot following the hunt closely and any time they attempted to get the hounds to pick up scent we put to an end to it by rating them.
The hunt desperately tried to lose us throughout the day, so we split into 2 groups. A group of 5 sabs kept close on the heels of the hunt and managed to be perfectly positioned to get between a fox and the hounds and made sure it got away to safety despite the hunt doing their best to get the hounds onto it. After they noticed our presence they quickly left the wood and went on the run from us again.
Our vehicles patrolled the area and eventually the larger group of sabs found the hunt who were extremely angered by being located and attempted to ride people down. Both groups then met up and stuck with the hunt as they made their way for home. We even managed to observe the hunt fighting amongst themselves as they were boxing up… Shit day was it, scumbags?! We’ll be seeing you again.

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