‘ledbury south’ found and sabbed


On Saturday 16th September, acting on a tip-off, we headed over the bridge to sab a meet of ‘The Ledbury South’. The hunt consists of riders and staff from The South Herefordshire Hunt (who are currently at the centre of a police investigation for feeding fox cubs straight to the hounds inside their kennels) and members of The Ledbury Hunt.

The hunt moved off at 7am from their meet in Orcop with one group of sabs watching every move they made. You would think this lot would be hunting within the law but this was the most blatant illegal hunting of fox cubs we have seen in years.

We decided to intervene at the first opportunity and took control of the hounds, forcing the hunt to move off in an attempt to lose us. This set the tone for the rest of the morning as we continuously took the hounds away from the hunt and to our feet.

One fox was seen fleeing to safety, it was seen by hunt supporters but there was little they could do with sabs everywhere.

They finally threw in the towel at 10am after a few more failed attempts at killing wildlife.

We’ll be seeing you again…

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