Badger cull set to be extended in Wiltshire

*Badger cull to be extended in Wiltshire*

We’re hearing that the badger cull is to be extended by at least a week in the Wiltshire zones, one of which we have been working in for the last six weeks, as it is likely that the cullers have failed to hit their minimum targets.

Over the past six weeks we’ve seen many breaches of the cullers own guidelines, signs of illegal badger persecution and terrible bio-security and farming practices in TB hot spots, all bringing into question the cull and its humanness, effectiveness and safety.

Now is the time to step up our efforts – we’ll be doing our utmost to protect badgers in the zone until the cull is over.

If you can help out in Wiltshire, either by joining a ‘Wounded Badger Patrol’ or in any other way, please contact Wiltshire Against the Badger Cull –

For more information check Stop the Cull –

(Picture below – three badgers piled up and left after being shot in cage traps in Wiltshire this autumn)

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