"Migration is not a Crime" – Workshop – Sunday 15th Feb



What is freedom of movement?

Who has it, who doesn’t?

What effect is climate change  and global recession having?

How can we take action together?

Sunday 15th Feb -2.30pm Open to all –  Free/donation

Venue:The Armada, Armada Place, Bristol

Directions: Off Stokes Croft, red brick building, round the corner
from Cafe Kino on the left.
3pm – 4.30 Workshop (Break with T and Cake)
5.00-5.45 Action Planning-Bristol Urban Convergence,September 09′
5.45-6.00 Evaluation and Close

We are involved with Bristol No Borders (working
on issues of migration and asylum) and Bristol
Rising Tide (taking action on root causes of climate
change) and are developing a new popular
education project together. Popular education
involves creative ways to learn about issues and
come up with collective plans for action. We hope
to take this to a range of groups but at this first
event we would welcome your input and feedback.
A Trapese Popular Education Collective Project

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