bxl no borders update

basically everyone got nicked most before they got any where near any action like me…

Wednesday 29 September at 13:00, activists succeeded in blocking a meeting organized by Frontex in Brussels. The executive director of Frontex, lobbyists, multinationals were all invited to this meeting to make the European bordercontrols more efficient.[Photos] [Videos]
Around the same time the trade union demonstration started from the Midi station. The anticapitalist block of about 150 demonstrators, with samba and truck were stopped from joining the demonstration.
Around 14:00, while the truck was immobilized by the police, the activists were dispursed and then regrouping around the sambaband 500 meters further, and could melt into the trade union demonstration. The block moved on chanting anticapitalist slogans and slogans for the freedom of movement towards the Porte de Hal where a  massive police force tried to isolate the block
. Many activists were arrested atvthat point.
Follow the timeline for more information.

Just to add on a personal note that while most of us were able to enjoy the consolation of a post arrest beer two people remain under arrest.

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