Bulgaria Camp Announced!


Following the EU eastward expansion, countries like Bulgaria and Romania
are progressively cracking down on those that try to cross their borders
and rampantly working against freedom of movement. The Bulgarian
government’s current target date for joining the Schengen agreement is
2012. The border control between Bulgaria and Turkey is cited as the
biggest problem Bulgaria is faced with in order for the country to join
Schengen. Following the participation of Bulgarian border police in
FRONTEX operations along the Greek-Turkish border, there is talk of
extending the agency’s operations to the border between Bulgaria and
Turkey. These developments, together with the deterioration of the
migrants’ situation in neighboring Greece, are the two immediate reasons
for organizing a No Border camp at the border between Bulgaria, Greece
and Turkey in the coming summer.  The camp will run from 25th August-29th


http://noborderbulgaria.wordpress.com/  more English translation coming soon…


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