How Did We End Up Here?

Sarkozy and Belusconi announced their demands of passport free travel within the EU this evening. Of course, anyone who has travelled on a Eurolines coach know that this was not always the reality, but it has both symbolic and actual relevance to the way that European migration policy is heading.  “..Berlusconi and Sarkozy, seeking to curry favour with the strong far-right constituencies in both countries, sought to bury their differences by urging the rest of Europe to buy into their anti-immigration agenda.”

Which government is going to challenge them on this? Answer: None

The combination of “Populist” politics advanced by the tabloid news, and the liberal press’ and politicians  miserable failure to challenge them coherently on this (as well as our own groups’ marginalisation), by partially buying into the need for ever greater securitisation of our borders. Of course, the global downturn has played it’s part in making made some people more fearful of the maintenance of their livelihoods in also creating the right atmosphere for this kind of policy to be virtually unchallenged.

The facts that we’re closing our borders to people in deperate need –  who are only doing exactly what we would do in their position appears to count for nothing in the current climate. Neither does it seems to count for anything that many of their tyrannical governments that were overthrown –  which had caused fear and panic among some the population – were often supported by our governments for varying selfish policy requirements.

Sarkozy and Berlusconi added: “In exchange (for supporting the new regimes) we have the right to expect from our partner countries a commitment to a rapid and efficacious co-operation with the European Union and its member states in fighting illegal immigration.”

Are they taking the piss?

The fact is that EU policy helped maintain Gadaffi’s regime partially based on Gaddafi’s regime using Libya as a immigration buffer zone between North Africa and the EU.

They are taking the piss, but whose gonna stop them?

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