Diggers to move in tomorrow when 48 hour notices expire


Window of a resident's chalet. This same resident had received serious spinal injuries as a result of a police assault on Wednesday.

Diggers to move in tomorrow when 48 hour notices expire Basildon council have prevented media from accessing Dale Farm, as it emerged today that Bailiffs were breaking the law. Constant & Co. bailiffs have begun removing fences and walls in breach of a court order requiring them to give 48 hours notice before work can commence. Notices were given to residents on Friday morning and are scheduled to expire at 9am on Sunday.  Significantly increased activity by bulldozers is expected at this point.

One women, recovering on a legal plot after spinal injuries gained from police heavy-handedness, was intimidated out of her home as bailiffs began illegally demolishing her fences and walls. Bailiffs smashed a window in Nora’s chalet as they proceeded with the unlawful demolition  [[photo available upon request]].

Mary Sheridan, a resident, described the tactics as “disgraceful. We always knew the bailiffs would breach their court orders, they always do. But I can’t believe Basildon council could be so obviously trying to cover-up their demolition of our homes from the world.”

YESTERDAY Bailiffs attempted to move trailers from three families’ plots despite confirmation at the High Court by Justice Edwards-Stuart on 4 Oct that these plots could not be evicted and that families had a legal right to stay. Barrister Marc Willers was forced to intervene, reminding the Council that any action on these plots would place them in contempt of court.

The imposition of a media blackout today follows Basildon council’s ‘forcible  eviction’ of local MEP Richard Howitt from the press enclosure last Wednesday [1]. Howitt is an outspoken critic of the forced eviction. Supporter Ali Saunders said, “the council’s attempt at a cover-up is evidence of their embarrassment. This brutal eviction has left families with nowhere to go and will fall upon the conscience of all of the British



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