3 Days in Calais


Wednesday 16th November

The new squat opened for the migrants who were evicted from Africa House was evicted on Tuesday –  illegally this time. The police forced their way in, arresting 7 migrants and 2 CMS activists. One activist charged with occupation. All were released after spending the night in the police station and some have bruises from being ill-treated while in custody.

A van from the charity La Belle Etoile collected the blankets from the squat and everybody is out in the streets again.


Two Egyptians were killed during Wednesday night-Thursday morning on the A16 near Dunkerque in a collision between an HGV and a car which was occupied with other migrants.
Seven people were found in the car, including five Egyptians without papers and two other people, “surely people smugglers”, according to the prosecution of Dunkerque. According to initial enquiries, the car of migrants had swerved when it was overtaking the Dutch HGV, and was then hit from behind. The three migrants who survived the accident, which occurred around 1am, were rescued from the side of the road. They have still not been spoken to by the investigators as they are awaiting a translator. The two presumed people smugglers, who were sitting in the front seats, fled the scene. The breath tests on the German driver of the HGV did not reveal anything abnormal.

Friday 18th November

After the eviction of Africa House and the new squat many people are still sleeping under the stars, although some have found accommodation in other squats. Most squats have no fire and even in the jungles people don’t make fires because they say the police come if they see it.

The police still come and destroy the camps regardless, and while people usually just rebuild them, they remain minimal structures. The charities are complaining that there are lots of asylum seekers sleeping out, with nothing but a couple of blankets. It is already very cold and wet, and the cold weather shelter remains closed as it only opens when the temperatures drop below -4C. It’s also the first time that there’s no Africa House.

Come to Calais!

Every person watching and intervening makes a huge difference in the levels of police brutality against migrants and you don’t need to do anything more than you feel comfortable with.

Winter is the hardest time in Calais.  We need to maintain a constant activist presence on the ground and need people all the time.  If you’re thinking of coming, please email us and we can give you some up to date information, or put you in touch with part of the network near you.

We also need resources for the winter: tents, sleeping bags, SHOES  and warm clothes ,especially men’s  jackets.  Please be aware we have limited space and need to prioritise these items above others. CANNED FOOD ALSO MUCH NEEDED AND RAW FOOD THAT IS NOT PERISHABLE & NOT EXPIRED. THANKS!




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