Aggro at Morton Hall Immigration Prison

We the detainees were subject to Lock down on 30/11/2011 earlier then usual time as some detainee peacefully protested by the astro (Football ) where detainee protested as earlier on 30/11/2011 detainee Vassell were allegedly attacked by gang of officer and taken to RFA.

remember now -it's not a prison

During the protest about 30 detainee stayed out for 30 minutes then the detainees came to individual room.

Early in the morning of 01/12/2011 we were given first of the notice to detainee  to our shock it stated an attempted escape were discovered and  2 member of staff were assaulted.

Then through out the day detainees were taken to different HMP (Namly Lincoln and Nottingham and other HMP)

Only 2 detainees were sent to different detention centre one to Dover and one to Colnbrook.

Such was Unlawful lock up against detention service order authorised by the parliament.
***** on behalf of detained detainees
Below was served on detainees
Ministry of Justice – UKBAstards – Morton Hall IRC
Notice to Detainees – Thursday 1st December
On 30th November, an attempted escape was discovered at the Centre. This followed a day in which two members of staff were assaulted and a number of detainees joined in a prolonged dispute regarding various issues, which delayed the end of association in the evening.

These events have raised serious concerns about the safety and security of those who live and work at the Centre.

As a result, I have no option but to carry out a full lock down search. Unfortunately this means that you will be confined to your rooms until this is completed. As always, you will be provided with meals and visits will continue to take place. We will also attempt to deal with any exceptional problems detainees are facing. It is expected that this will take the whole day and that you are unlikely to be unlocked until Friday morning. However, this may take. longer if necessary.

The safety and security of everyone at the Centre always has to be the first priority. It Is important that we discuss issues openly and encourage mutual respect. I have therefore asked that a series of community meetings are scheduled for Friday in order that everyone can have a chance to discuss how we can work together more successfully in the future and avoid the need for measures such as this.
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