Sentence: 6 Months in Jail Crime: Cleaning Bristol Hospital

A CLEANER who worked at A&E in the Bristol Royal Infirmary was forced by Britain’s absurd border control system into using a fake passport to gain employment there.

Judge Simon Darwall-Smith sentenced him to six months in prison

Kirsty Real, defending, said: “He started receiving threats from gangs,” she said. “He had a daughter and had to keep moving house because of the threats – he was constantly running away. He left his daughter with her mother in Kenya and went to Ireland and then to the UK. He gained employment in this country using false documents but used that money to support himself and to send to his daughter, now 14, to pay for her education.He also sent money to his two sisters, one who is disabled with full left-side paralysis and another who has learning difficulties. He wanted to help them as well as himself.

“He was well-regarded in his job at the hospital. He was working hard and paying taxes and there was never any other problem. He has married in this country under his religion but not in a civil manner and he is instructing other lawyers to try to stay in the country.”

Meanwhile: “The Government will find itself in the position of either having to allow continued immigration in the hundreds of thousands or jeopardising the country’s economic recovery, according to its own fiscal watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility.”

Sourced & unashamedly paraphrased from  The Independent & Bristol Evening Post

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