Seasons greetings from Athens: migrant street traders and anarchists cancel out police raid

We’ll have a print of analysis of the start, growth & inevitable attempted repression aof the migrant struggle in greece available at the film showing tonight, but in the mean time have a look at the video & article from the occupied london blog.

click here for video

The side streets by ASOEE, Athens’ Economic University, have oftentimes been a scene of an obscure battleground, recently. Migrant street traders who try to sell their goods there have been repeatedly attacked and arrested (and have their products confiscated) by scores of riot police, DELTA motorcycle forces and the like.

Slowly but surely, the street traders started to organise some elementary defense. Along with anarchists in solidarity (some of them ASOEE students) they have recently attempted to push back police whenever they decide to attack, and to effectively cancel out their attempted raids.

The astonishing video below is one such example, of what happened to a riot police unit that tried to raid one of the streets near ASOEE.

The people fight back! (Please ignore the racist commentary by the terrified citizen shooting the video)

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