Good News: First Win!

Bristol Solidarity Network are happy and proud to announce our first win!

Together with Bristol IWW, we accompanied Generosa, a courageous and determined woman fighting spurious claims made against her by the bullying management of St. Christopher’s school. This was a clear example of attempts to make the job intolerable and to force a worker out of their job as part of “restructuring”. Management were understandably unnerved when they saw that Generosa had accompaniment at her “disciplinary” meeting, and all the more so when the inconsistencies and dubious nature of both the process and the allegations against her were quickly and effectively exposed. On the back foot and under serious pressure from the off, management finished the meeting saying that they would have to investigate further. In reality this meant beating a hasty retreat and discontinuing the groundless and vindictive attack on this worker.
Generosa showed a great example that standing up to the bosses and not taking it lying down can get results. We also see here the strength of accompaniment and solidarity, as the management’s tune changed dramatically when they realised that this woman was not an isolated, easy target but instead had determined and committed back up.
Our solidarity and best wishes go out to Generosa and all like her who choose to fight to win!