We love it when direct action gets the goods

We have now helped not one, but two ex-workers at Cafe Amore secure victory! Bonny & Rhyannan both contacted us separately after having wages withheld by the boss of Cafe Amore. After the first picket, which was held with our friends in the IWW,  Amore management paid Bonny the money she was owed. On the day of the second picket Rhyannan was paid in full as well. Never let the bosses make you think you are powerless!

Victory photograph with Rhyannan - and her cheque for £82

Victory photograph with Rhyannan – and her cheque for £182

In between the two pickets the amount of solidarity received from Bristolians was massive, and a very welcome surprise. After the first picket scores of people let us know they would be boycotting Amore. They also encouraged friends and colleagues to do the same – some were even preparing to table motions at their union branches supporting a boycott!  It’s good to know that despite a BS article on B247 the workers in our city know how to stick together!

On the day of the demonstration we got a call from a ‘representative’ of Goodarz  (Amore’s manager) offering to pay £40 if we’d go away. We explained the full amount owed was £182, and if Rhyannan received that we’d be happy to go away. Since we were not offered that resolution over the phone we headed to the cafe for our picket. Soon after the protest had gathered outside we went inside to speak to Goodarz. Before we got the chance, we were stopped by one of his employees – who was brandishing a cheque for £182!  Which pretty satisfactorily concluded the shortest picket we’ve been to in a while.

We know this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are businesses across our city who’s bosses get away with wage theft, harassment and poor treatment of staff. We also know that when we take them on, we can win. Just as importantly, every win we get through our own actions builds the collective strength and confidence of ordinary Bristolians, and dents that of those that rule over us.

To the workers, benefit claimants and renters of Bristol; fight back and give us a shout, we’ll offer you any solidarity we can. Get in touch even if you’re lucky enough to have a pleasant boss, we could still use your help dealing with the unpleasant ones!

To the Bosses and Landlords?  If you mistreat your tenants and staff one of our demand letters may well be heading your way, and a campaign like this one won’t be far behind it.