Let’s Talk About Class

If we are going to change the world for the better, we are going to need strong groups and powerful movements that are good at including people from all classes. This is a workshop for working-class, middle-class, and owning-class people who want to work together for an equal and just society. adjustable-wrench

Different class backgrounds give us different ways of looking at the world, and different strengths to help change the way things are.

This workshop is inspired by the work of Class Action, especially their work on Activist Class Cultures. An interview with the wonderful Betsy Leondar-Wright of Class Action is here, and some of her thoughts on ‘calling out’ and ‘calling in’ are here.

Workshop facilitated by Peace News editor, Milan Rai, who is attending a Class Action training of trainers in Seattle in late August.

Entry by donation


Saturday 10 September
Friends Meeting House
South Terrace (behind Priory Meadow)
Hastings TN34 1SA

More info: 07980 748 555 (after 1 Sept)

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