I’m just about done with the two scholarships I am working on. It’s been a valuable experience in reflection, improving my writing skills, and has helped me identify professional allies.

I realize now that it is surprising how much I have done at BTC this year. I have also identified my weaknesses. I don’t have working medical experience. I haven’t done any organized volunteer activity. I plan to rectify these things by volunteering for WAHA, a local health non-profit. I am struggling to get a driver license. I didn’t mention how I am trying to make friends and get acquainted with Bellingham. I have reflected on how my experiences will help me in nursing, which is giving me a greater conviction to the career. I have a more positive view of the government after receiving the Pell Grant. I learned valuable lessons in communication in Japan.

I realize my english needs improvement. I want to improve my writing skills, as recommended my Dad and lei. I am planning on attending Toastmasters clubs, including one that is held on the Lummi reservation. There are writing groups at the bookstore I will attend. I will keep up this blog more frequently. I will start this process earlier, little by little. It was hard to do this scholarship when I was so busy with school. Studying for the english part of the ATI-TEAS test, the placement test into the Nursing program will help me improve my english skills.

I had my scholarship reviewed by the Writing Center, dad, lei, my advisor twice, coach, a worksource staff member, and a classmate, most recently. I invited a classmate to get some coffee with me at Black Drop, a local coffeehouse. We talked about a range of issues from the brain to DNA to evolution, to nursing, to me casually asking for his advice about my scholarship. It was really helpful.

I’m supposed to be on a school break. I was at school yesterday, and the PTK adviser tells me, Kai, schools over. This scholarship was my main project during this break. I’ve read two books, one on Male Nursing, another on Nursing Assistant Care. I also went to the Stommish festival. It is strange to have nothing planned, like I would every moment during school. I reached out to do gardening work, but that position was taken. I want to work in the call  center, but it’s changing administration. I want to work as a CNA, but I have to wait until I get my license. I want to volunteer, but I don’t know what my schedule will be like.

Career Plan

Goal: Nurse Practitioner in Hawaii with Mom
BTC: Certified Nursing Assistant
BTC: Registered Nurse (RN) AA degree.
WWU: Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN)
UW: Masters, (Family) Nurse Practitioner (ARNP/FNP)
UW: Doctorate, Nursing (DNP)
CNA: Shuksan Health Care
RN: PeaceHealth
NP: Unity Care
DNP: Teach in Hawaii
DNP: Dean of UH Manoa
Get House for self and everyone
Ho bra! no more waiting for the boat

Lhaq’temish: Lummi, or People of the Sea

I recently went to a Indigenous led conference called Vine Deloria Conference at the Northwest Indian College. Signing up last minute, I got the OK to get the 100 dollars paid by some diversity fund from my school. I met familiar faces, S, who is a Lummi RN, who tries to incorporate native science to her practice, T, her partner, who has been for his life a commercial fisherman, as well as C, who has been famous locally by tying herself to a tugboat in protest of fossil fuels. The day finished off with a dinner of Gaaw, Herring Roe on kelp, a chewy specialty me and dad can appreciate, fresh from BC from the Heiltsuk Nation. During the meal, I met a woman who I told I wanted to get more involved. She told me to come at 10am tommorow to participate in a sweat. “We used to sweat every day”. “I’m white, is that ok?.” Yes, my dad is white. Does this kind of thing happen often? No, few people come to these things. I came the next day and the fire was raging. It was started at 8am, and one man has been doing it, a student that is older and returning at NWIC for the past few months. Adjacent to the fire was the temporary shelter: a dome of intertwined sticks covered with blankets, with a dirt floor, and a pit in the middle for hot rocks. Water was prepared to be poured on the rocks as we entered in and steamed up the inside. Cedar was sprinkled on and we could smell it’s aroma. I’m going to speak from the heart, the elder said. “Grandson, pour the water”, he said to another student, though he is not his grandson. “Ho e oh e oh ey ey…” It became nearly impossible to breath, and we soon all got out. We repeated this three times. The fourth time a native at Western, a tribal coordinator, saw and joined us and stripped down from his business suit. He led the singing in different chants, and talked of the significance of each of our entrances. He thanked the ancestors. I felt refreshed after. Smoky, moist, dirty, and barefoot, I returned to the conference and it was fine. I talked in the circle about needing to have this connection, but at the same time, it is a 20 mile bike ride into the county with no bike lanes in the morning, and it is tough in the sweat. Then, to satisfy my appetite, there was a seafood dinner of crab, salmon, halibut, and prawns. I am glad to be active in some native goings on here. Other things I’ve done included:

Bring back Tokitae Home
Lummi Youth Canoe Family Maori Send off
Fundraiser for Uni’sto’ten
Dance Fundraiser for Uni’sto’ten
Pipeline Discussion @ NWIC

It is close to a community, but I am still seeking one. A classmate asked me point blank, What is your story? It made me reflect.

Future Topics:
Naked Bike Ride
Kayak trip
A night
Visit Canada

Don’t Be Fooled on April 1! Know your Rights


Dont Be Fooled April 1Seattle is Getting a Raise!


Kshama Speech 1 Kshama Speech 2 MCD 1 MCD 2 starting march The crowd holds signs

Flier: reproduced for accessibility


Front side:

Seattle is Getting a Raise!

Steps to 15$ min wage April 1

National Day of Action for 15% Wednesday April 15 4:30PM Rally @ Seattle University

Support badges: Office of Kshama Sawant, SEIU 775, Working Washinton, 15 Now, Casa Latina, Unite Here Local 8, Local 1448 Dignity Respect, EBEW, Local 809 IUOE, IBOTeamsters

Back Side:

11$ for employers 500+ and <500 without healthcare/tips

10$ for <500 with healthcare or tips

Wage theft or questions report to: Working WA hotline: 866.385.9509

Next Steps: Min Wage rise to 15 for all 1.1.17, 2018,2021 depending on size and healthcare/tips, more at

Hip Hip Horray! Seattle’s Getting a Raise!

This is one of the chants yelled in Seattle Yesterday to inform workers about the increase in Seattle’s minimum wage to 10 or 11 dollars an hour depending on the size of the business. Party hats and whistle toys were given to passer-bys and we even had a person who had a birthday so we gave her a party hat. Young, old, middle aged, disabled, oppressed and concerned members of our community and the working class showed up to stand up against wage theft across Seattle and celebrate our success.

Around 100 people marched from Seattle Central College down Broadway to fast food restaurant chains. We past leaflets down the street with a boom box. A bright blue banner in front announced the minimum wage increase. There were balloons everywhere and it definitely got people’s attention. 100s+ of dollars were raised and consciousness about worker’s right was spread around. We tabled for a little bit around SCC and local leaders of SEIU and Socialist Alternatives gave talks about our fight for 15 now through a megaphone. Attendees were composed primarily of Socialist Alternative. The march ended after an hour and the rest of the members returned to the new office to discuss the movement and to prepare for a karaoke fundraising that night.


To a passer-by during the march, they would see a long line of workers wearing blue or red t-shirts that said 15 now, high signs that said the same, a black strip of police to the left, and different unions with their banners behind us, a person that was dressed as a bird, balloons everywhere, and everyone wearing party hats. Audibly they would hear the boom box, the speeches, and the Chants that rhymed smoothly.


Some businesses were not happy about the march. Particularly at higher end restaurants, managers stood with their arms crossed in front of the businesses because they wanted to control information about the minimum wage increase and didn’t want their workers to get upset. Most businesses let us in and we politely handed fliers to workers to let them know of their rights. I can understand that some businesses just don’t want any interruptions, and what we are doing is partly muckraking, but we were polite about it. There was plenty of honking of support from drivers.


A 1/2 hour in police on bikes came along the left side of us. I am not sure why they were there watching a peaceful protest instead of trying to solve their internal corruption and learn how to use body cams correctly, but perhaps they wanted a piece of the party. I asked a police member if he would like a party hat and he ignored me. This shows how truly robotic these police are. I am glad they chose a sustainable method of transportation versus the Lamborghini that some police districts are getting. I suppose they are getting much more than the minimum wage, but they could have joined under our banner to fight for the rest of us. They carried batons, pepper spray, handcuffs, and I believe I saw some handguns. I am glad there weren’t any conflicts with the police, and I wonder what they reported to their higher-ups, or whether their administration ordered them here or someone reported the incident.

Socialist Branches

There were two other socialist groups that tabled, the Freedom Socialist Party, and I believe the International Socialist Organization both which claimed to be a more radical socialist group. Cuba and women’s rights were emphasised. There was some confusion about the unity of the message when there were different groups sending different messages but everyone was welcome and no one was angry at each other.


There were also a few Christians that came to the event to remind these groups and I that I am going to eternal hell if I don’t recognize the beauty of Jesus Christ. Socialists don’t believe in gods or hell because they are methods and ideas of oppression of the ruling class but we support religious diversity and freedom of speech so we would just acknowledge them and move on. However, if Jesus did exist, he actually would be considered by some as being socialist because he fought for workers and was a worker himself before he died for his people so I feel like he would like this minimum wage increase, but the Christians said were going to hell even if the minimum wage increases. I appreciate their perseverance, but it’s too bad they didn’t march with us. I had an interesting conversation with one about my belief in the flying spaghetti monster, that there are many gods out there and each one tells the other is going to hell except worshippers of the flying spaghetti monster.


Unfortunately I did not take photos since my battery was low, but I expect many photos will appear on twitter initially, perhaps a video on youtube on Monday, and a official announcement on the Socialist Alternative website. I would like that the media be posted to privacy and free software respecting services like as a micro blogging alternative to Twitter and mediagoblin instead of YouTube, or diaspora as a social media alternative to Facebook or Network23/NoBlogs as an alternative to WordPress. WordPress is a special case were it is respecting – but individual blogs would be better suited for network23 with a .com domain that allows you a free blog for activist needs. I only use Mediagoblin and quitter and network23 for my social media needs. Additionally communication regarding this sensitive area would be best served by using a Combination of Redphone/LinPhone, Signal/Textsecure, Chatsecure, IMSI detector, K9Mail w/ APG. More explanation for this tools are below. I am listing links because they are made so well, but I could make videos which explain step by step approaches to safeguarding this information or one on one sessions or talks. I have been involved in this area for the past two years. See my article SURVEILLANCE DEFENSE. Unfortunately using Facebook and Youtube means you are plugged right into NSA/5 eyes/spies/hackers/corporations/ad companies/telemarketer/annoying people’s 24/7 feed. It is almost contradictory to be an activist and use facebook because it destroys your privacy and tells the police your event, the details, who is going, the location so conveniently.Meanwhile those with iPhones are literally zombies according to NSA leaked documents where Steve Jobs is big brother.

Heres a few more arguments why we shouldn’t use facebook by the activist Richard Stallman.


Some people walked, took the bus, biked, drove cars and carpooled. I was happy to get a ride because the location of SCC is south Seattle which is very far from Lake Forest park. Most people lived in the area however.




Seattle, WA


I didn’t fight for an egalitarian society until several years ago. I was tricked into participating in a racist, religious, sexist, abelist, homophobic, classist, patriarchal society that discriminated against me and my peer. Then I learned about an alternative world that is fighting for the betterment of society and the world. One that treasures the earth and wants to crush the capitalist society that feeds on innocent workers. Obviously this fight has been going on for quite a while, but after the 2008 collapse, the failures of the Capitalist Democratic Party Led by Barack Obama that had promise to end the endless wars in the Iraq, to end the torture facility of Guantanamo Bay and to fight for our freedoms online just turned out to be another tool for the oligarchic society that we live in where 1% of the population owns more than 99% of society. And then there was WTO protests, the Occupy wall Street Movement and the gains of Socialist Alternative leader Kshama Sawant that showed that freedom was distant but possible if we fight together.

I see a community college in three ways. As a previous worker of a community college I saw the harsh ways in which workers are given below living wages and poor working conditions. And as a student I saw the powerlessness of students to campaign for fair educational opportunities. Lastly, I saw how unresponsive the administration was to change and democratic involvement.

I have come to realize that the only solution to end this systematic oppression is Socialism. Now that Socialist Alternative has showed itself to be a legitimate workers’ party with the increase in minimum wage to 15/hour, action with Black Lives Matter, and fighting for rent control I am glad to be a member. Join now at



A Rant on our Broken Ed System and why we need a GNU one.


architecture internet

WSPTA announced that funding is better but falls short of goals

I have to learn more about the McCleary case and the proposed changes to
exemptions and taxes. This is the first time I heard about the McCleary
case which seems to be a great win for the people but unfortunately is
not getting enough funding.

Of course I strongly support the fund for basic education K-12 and a win
for education is a win for all which provides for the basis for our
modern society..
In Hawaii teachers didn't show up, there were daily fights against each other, and homeschoolers were not supported. I am considering
not continuing with Cascadia and to pursue ftacademy and working at
various farming jobs. As for high school, I went to a moderately competitive one which let many students through the cracks. A lot of what I've learned is from working different jobs, using free educational medium on free software (wikipedia on trisquel).

Preschool and Higher ed is also important too. I believe it was
something like David vs Goliath reported on a story by Malcolm Gladwell
that was arguing that a lower class size doesn't actually mean it would
be a better school. Also it is stunning how much is spent on textbooks
when there are free and open learning materials like or
openstax. My school spent a lot of resources on preparing students to go
to higher ed but not providing hardly any information on alternative

And in higher ed, we discriminated for using free software, failing 
computer classes. I won't be studying cs at Cascadia, because I fought for
free software, but some teachers would not give in. I am considering public
protests if I meet more people and the consciousness is higher about
free software because I WILL NOT go to a school that gets millions of
dollars of Gates money to force microsoft on it's users. It would be
better that students don't have any of this technology at all - we are
turned into spies for the company and many don't even realize this.
Another thing - almost every two weeks a veteran comes to tell people
they will got 30k and get their school paid for by killing the evil
"arabs" ("fighting for the country...right?"). I realize that society
has these problems as well, and I don't know what the best thing to do
is. I hope I can learn to be a better campaigner in the future and to
learn from my mistakes. I hope the college can do the same.

It does seem that Washington has a better educational system than Hawaii
and I am learning more about it. The higher budget funding I'm sure will
be better spent on education in general then some military or police policy.

In one way maybe the schools can be reformed, but sometimes history
shows that a revolution or building a new system may be better.

Sorry if this was a rant or anything, and obviously mine was a personal
story compared to the obvious effect education has to societies. But we
have to be sure this is not mis-education.

Stallman’s Notes, reposted, 3.26-7.15

See more @


Jihadi violence breaks out in Tunisia. Lets hope Tunisia doesn’t choose to respond by removing our rights.

Sea lions die on cali coast, more to come.

Scandals of many politicians’ emails

Alaska gets Palin’s emails: Learnt palinism
what a goof
holy flippin a
we love the mobster in ya

Melting Antartic

East Antarctica Melting could be Explained by Oceanic Gateways

Virginia to impose short retention limit on license plate readers

Oxford Refuses Divestment

What are cascadia and UW bothell doing?

The Rainforest is becoming ineffective to climate change

Bamboo was talked about for a company for being more green vs cotton, but the extra trees don’t necessarily cancel out fossil fuel impact

French Comedian condoning terrorism charge – known for his quenelle gesture

Switzerland return of 2bn loot


“It would not be possible for African leaders to loot their national treasuries if there were no countries willing to receive these funds.”

Republicans push for more discrimination

Iraq militians destroyed villages

This is all the more reason not to support US going into war with ISIS rather than humanitarian aid on indirect aid to secular multiracial liberation armies that are winning against IS.

Ghana democracy is gdoing great, unlike US

Thousands of Germany protestors fight poverty

Netanyahu win by fear

Biggest threat to Iran is environmental


White House and FOIA

Hertz canmeras in rentarl cars


Reflection, March 2015, Socialist Alternative

Network23 is back, so I will migrate a post from Noblogs.

This month I have changed gears to focus more on democratic socialism. Libreplanet ended, and the next big event is LinuxFest NW.

These are some of the Socialist happenings in Seattle and around the country This past week.


bosses should respect min wage law. Report wage theft to:
@workingwa hotline 866.385.9509


Northeastern fights for 15/hr


latest TPP leak

#tpp control expense people

Mcdd spends 40m on a day of promotion, no noticing

Local Things

cmkshama speaking at cornishCollege feminist class get active and pol change

Kshama in News

chris hedges most dangerous woman america


Kshama to go on FoxBusiness News 15/hr

Socialist Alternative New Articles

see SA  @SocialistAlt on Twitter
TPP taking power from people
chicago corporate machine being defeated
oakland living conditions
MCD not small business

@RaiseUpMKE milwwauke

In Action

BLM hijacks Mall America

In Reflection

cmkshama’s speech passing 15/wage 5m reclaim MLK mark for wa 250k

reflecting moyers talk with Kshama Sawant

From Occupy to City Hall: Meet the Woman Leading the Fight for $15 in Seattle


solidarity voting to strike yetserday @teamsters117

Teamsters at NW Steel and Pipe in Tacoma vote to strike


Action: tell Tell Starbucks CEO Schultz show leadership to increase pay to 15/hr:

See SA in your area:


10 Days until Min Wage increases. Lets Spread leaflets Saturday

15 Now: Steps to 15 start April 1


Lets Start the discussion about 15 and a union