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I'm an activist, teacher, gardener, occasional banjo player. From Wales originally, been living in Bristol, Southwest England for years.

Carta sobre la carretera

Estimado Sr. Presidente Evo Morales: Defienda a la Madre Tierra, ¡Cumpla con su palabra! Me adhiero a la Campaña en Defensa del TIPNIS y a las denuncias y acciones de la Subcentral TIPNIS la cual: Solicita que se cumplan las … Continue reading

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Adolfo Moye talks to diariovasco

My translation of original article from here: For we indigenous, our rights are recognised, but we can’t exercise them Adolfo Moye is the President of the Tipnis indigenous territory and national park in Bolivia.   Through the NGO Taupadak, … Continue reading

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An Interview with Adolfo Moye

This interview was originally made in late 2010. I have translated it into English and added an introduction to give some background on the subject. To read the article in the original Spanish : Who is Adolfo Moye? Adolfo … Continue reading

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The Right to the Return of Our Natural Resources

Note – this is an article written by Maria Lohman of Somos Sur, a Cochabamba-based organisation. I translated it, so I´m going to put it on my blog. Try and stop me.   On the occasion of May 1st and the “Day of the … Continue reading

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An interview with Oscar Olivera

Oscar Olivera was head of the Cochabamba Factory Workers Union until recently and was one of the Coordinadora’s most visible leaders during the Water War. He and Evo Morales were comrades for years, but have parted ways a long time … Continue reading

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Background for Oscar Olivera Interview – water wars and gasolinazos

The Cochabamba Water War of 2000 was an extraordinary period in Bolivia, which lasted from Jan 1999 to April 2000. It saw the population of Bolivia’s third city take on a consortium of companies led by Bechtel, a mighty US-based … Continue reading

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Why is this blog called cochabambiño?

Because I like the word. That’s it. A Cochabambiño is someone from Cochabamba. In the same line, a Paceña is someone from La Paz, a Cruceño is from Santa Cruz, and an Oruño is from Oruro. Am I from Cochabamba? … Continue reading

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Fork in the Road?

The Bolivian government stood alone at Cancun in calling for action to limit climate change to a 1-degree rise, a radical stance that is in keeping with the science and at odds with the demands of business, which dictate the … Continue reading

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Introduction to my blog

I’m a British activist from Bristol living and volunteering in Cochabamba, Bolivia for 4 months. Bolivia is a fascinating place to be. While I’m here I hope to get some insights into what is going on in this paradoxical patchwork … Continue reading

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