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Maintaining the Willow Dome

Horticulture and gardening was a large and extremely important element of Green Zone. Instead of having to start a community garden from scratch, Green Zone worked with an existing community garden which needed some new life breathing into it. We worked closely
with a local garden centre, and held guided gardening sessions, community workdays and more specialist trainings.

If your community doesn’t have its own community garden, there is a guide to how (and why) to set up one at the end of this toolkit. If, however, what‟s needed is invigorating and maintaining an existing garden, the page on maintaining a community garden should give you some ideas of what to do.

There is also a Case Study giving some details about how Leaf St Garden got started and how it has developed. And some details of how we approached the issue of composting as part of the project.

There are many videos there were made as part of the Greenzone which can be accessed in the Video resources part of the website.

Videos from the Green Zone project.

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