SUCCESS! 222 come together to pay Roger Franklin’s fine

A follow-up to our recent post, on the solidarity project to get 84 year old Roger Franklin’s court fine crowd-funded…

…it worked!

Roger was fined £460 by Bristol Magistrates Court for conscientious objection to the 2011 census run by Lockheed Martin; for more on the exact reasons he refused, read the letters he sent to the court. 222 people in total came together to pay the fine, mostly in tiny amounts of £2 or less. Here are some of the dozens of statements of solidarity:

“The world has truly gone mad.  It is Lockheed Martin who should be on trial … Roger Franklin should, if you believe in honours, be given an award.”

“I am appalled by the decision to use Lockheed Martin to run the last census.  Let arms manufacturers never be given
business in this way ever again.  They must be closed down and alternative, peaceful, forms of employment be found for
their employees.” David Warr.

“The courageous stand taken by Roger Franklin and John Marjoram honours both them and the whole peace
movement.  Just as a government which awards a £150 million Census contract to merchants of death and murder shames
our nation and its people.”  Glen Burrows, Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers Union.

More in the Indymedia article about the success.

Congrats, one and all!

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