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Feel free to use these on any publicity that is in line with aims of the campaign.

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A number of files on this page are PDFs. To open them, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader (download for free) or variant.

If you’re not too technical or creative, we’ve made up a basic flyer that you can just print off and use.

A4 promotional flyer
Count Me Out 2011 A4 flyer

Placard for photos

Placard thumbnailDid you look at our delightful photos and get jealous? Well, fear no more!  We’re bringing you the latest in placard design. Just print off and customise with your own reason you’re taking action against the 2011 census.

Placard template

Letters to your MP

Boycotting the census Word document (.doc) Text
Not boycotting the census Word document (.doc) Text

Alternative census forms

Creative types across the country have put fingers to keyboard to make some alternative census forms for anyone to use. They focus on the sort of questions that we should be asking.

Exhibit A: a sheet of supplementary questions made by the lovely folks at Indymedia. It could be used as a cover sheet for those filling out the census, or a substitute for those that are boycotting — they even made suggestions for cover letters. In the words of the creator, “please free free to print and distribute the attached publicity in your local area”.

Exhibit B: a fake form for people to download, print out, and fill in with your own questions and answers. It comes complete with information about the Count Me Out campaign. Again, you could use it as a supplement to or replacement for your census form.

If you’re interested, the address is “FREEPOST 2011 Census, Processing Centre, UK”. The possibilities are endless!

Supplementary census questions Fake form (Count Me Out)
Exhibit A
(supplementary questions)
Exhibit B
(fake form)


No contract for war profiteer Lockheed — online petition from the Stop the War Coalition, demanding that the Office for National Statistics withdraws the census contract from Lockheed Martin.

This Is Not OK — the Campaign Against Arms Trade‘s petition against the involvement of Clarion Events with the DSEi arms fair.

No Census Taking Part — a campaign to boycott the 2011 census in England and Wales due to Lockheed’s involvement.


Scotland Against Criminalising Communities — Scottish campaign group against CACI Ltd’s (involved with interrogation at Abu Ghraib) involvement in the Scottish census. — focusing on the Scottish census.

Canada — the Canadian campaign against Lockheed Martin’s involvement in their 2006 census.

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