Critical Mass London 29 August 2014

From FB (heavily edited)

27.2 km to Buckingham Palace but take off 1 km cos I went from there to Charing Cross for my train home

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LOVED the peaceful friendly corking and how lots of people defused any potential flash points with drivers.

HATED the tiny number of selfish cowardly show-off speedsters racing full belt around on pavements and the front of the mass, endangering pedestrians and massers alike.

I was riding along towards the front chatting to a nice woman when one of these cowards crashed into her at full speed and threw her flying head over heels over her handle-bars. It was only sheer luck she did not break her neck or got seriously injured.

LOVED the underpass, roundabout, narrow passage way at St Pauls and break at Paternoster Square.

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Once again, great ride everyone! Thanks to all involved.

I would also like to make special mention to the few young skaters that seem to show up and come along monthly to CM. Even though their passion might lie in skateboarding they are always amongst the first to help block traffic to keep everyone else safe at CM, month after month, road after road.

Last night I swear they were at every single cross road, calmly keeping all of us on bikes safe while copping all of the verbal abuse from some of the drivers. They probably put up with a lot of shit last night and constantly looked out for everyone else in true CM spirit.

As a lot of you would know their local skatepark at Southbank is under threat of redevelopment. As a small token of appreciation, next time you ride by the skatepark, whether it’s next week or next CM, take a minute out of your day to stop and sign the Save the Southbank petition or donate a few quid to help keep it running. After all, they have wheels too…

That was a great Mass – loads of people, different route, nice and chilled, top notch corking and some good conflict diffusion so there was hardly any agro. All in all just lovely riding, and taking Old Street roundabout was a splendid move! Rather glad the rain held off too.
Good work people, see you in September!

I thought that CM tonight was really awesome.
The rain held off the temperature was perfect and I just thoroughly enjoyed it

4 thoughts on “Critical Mass London 29 August 2014

  1. Wicked ride. My first CM (but with plenty mates who are seasoned CM’ers).
    Thats my sound system playing on the south bank video …. playing reggee :-)
    Loved the guy with skateboard + dog :-)

  2. Not a comment about this particular post, but about the page itself. The info at the top right says CM leaves at 6:30pm, but it should read 7pm. That is all.

    Great work on getting this blog going.

    • Well – it always used to meet at 6pm (which was the advertised time) and leave by 6.30ish, years ago (sometimes before 6.30!), but it keeps on getting later.
      I’d favour continuing to suggest a (n attempted) departure at 6.30, in the hope that we might manage to get away by 7pm
      If we acfually publicised 7pm, people wouldn’t come until nearly then and we wouldn’t leave until 7.30 … which would be a pain, especially in the winter or in bad weather…
      Sorry that work pressure made me miss the last couple of masses, but I’m lookking forward to a Halowe’en-y one next time, and hope to be back in the swing then.

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