Critical Mass London 30 October 2015

Route: North on Waterloo Bridge, up to Marylebone Road, left turn there West, then a U turn and then North to Regents Park.

youtube video:

Inner Circle at Regents Park, clockwise, then East on Chester Road to the Outer Circle, then South on Langham Place / Regent Street, Tottenham Court Road, Gower Street, then East on Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury Square, South on Southampton Row, then West on Great Queen Street, South on Bow Street (bike lane),
West on Strand, Charing Cross, Victoria Memorial at the Palace, where it stayed for a good while, then East on Birdcage Walk, south ‘border’ of St James’s Park, Parliament Sq, Westminster Bridge, then North alongside river on York Road, BFI Max roundabout, then East, past King’s College London, Blackfriars Bridge Road and Southwark Bridge Road, towards London Bridge, then South/East on Tooley Street, then North on Tower Bridge, then East on Royal Mint Street leading to Cable Street – the off-road cycle lane. Then two branches: one North on Leman Street, another West on Chamber Street … they reunite on Whitechapel High Street heading East, then left on Commercial Street heading North, past Shoreditch High Street station, back South on Whitechapel High Street, then North on Vallance Road, then left on Bethnal Green Road, heading West, then not too much a mass.

Just over 16 miles start point to top end of Brick Lane.

comments from FB:

It would be good if a few more people could assist with the corking next time. It’s a lot easier with 2 or 3 people than just one. Otherwise a decent ride and the costumes were great.

Absolute fantastic night.

What happened with the Police when it looked like they were trying to split up mass? Usually they let us keep together and I’ve previously seen them calm down motorists who are being corked. But last night was different, almost set up. It should be understood by the Police that the head of mass waits for a green light then we get through in one group as efficiently as we can. My understanding is that we’re legally a procession and this is not only permissible but the most safe way of riding on mass.

It was so they could manage the numbers. Easier for them to control and monitor. They seemed to divert half the mass different directions to allow the traffic to keep moving. We did ride some arterial routes. Loved it

DM PCSOs are not police officers; they are civilian members of police staff. They probably didn’t know much about how the Mass operates.

Been going to CM for just over three years. Even split of longboarding and cycling and tonight’s mass will sadly be my last, at least on the longboard.
Having been nearly knocked off three times, pushed into drains and a parked car it’s become overtaken by people who cycle worse than most car drivers in London.
And then tonight what I thought I would never see. Six plastic coppers break up the mass. They didn’t have to do anything. Everyone just stopped just to have a row for the sake of it and we got broken up.
I may cycle again but it will be when it’s quieter and the idiots stay at home.
Happy massing, I’ll miss some of the people I’ve met and I’ll keep memories of great masses of the past but it’s become to much hassle for me.

We were not a mass: The front seemed to be racing rather than “massing”. The front was going too fast and once that I stopped to cork , there were gaps of 40m

Yeah I’ve only been on a few rides. Tonights was dangerous. About 50 CMers ended up underneath the tunnel at Shoredith and someone let a firework off. It bounced off the roof of the tunnel and ended up hitting bikes next to where people were stood
Glad I’d gone by that stage then. There seems to be too many people who go with the sole intention of being knobs now.

I donĀ“t think it was great. The ones at the front were pulling forward too fast and not waiting for the mass to rejoin.

From the viewpoint of a rider from the front:….!
Gosh the back of the mass are slow
It is everybody’s responsibility to hold the mass together

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