Critical Mass London October 2017

We loved the London Critical Mass ride, this month traditionally known as the Halloween Mass or Ride, where people dress in fancy seasons dressings.

So different reports from the same event, from comments on some closed network that spies on every one, whether we belong to it or not, and is only accessible by selling your soul and friends.

What a bloody good night, best mass so far , Corking was on point….. all great until the group split

I though the mass was really rubbish today. Probably go next July to get a big turn out

Yeah I really enjoyed myself this time! Even when there was onlt about 10 of us 😂.
Thanks guys, let’s try to make it like that more often!!

Yep till some idiots took us almost near Stratford! 😂

Waterloo Bridge north, then East on The Strand, Shoreditch, then back West, Oxford Street, Marble Arch-

If you want a better report, post yours here! (You can press the comment button and type it) (and if it is good enough it may jump all the way to the beginning of the post)

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