Feb 2021

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Pasted from alternative forum which not all here have access to but some may be interested in :

“Admin note: It’s has been brought to our attention that there has been a couple of incidents of bike thefts, and phones being snatched out of the general public hands on the past couple of Masses.

Whilst theft, as well as crimes of other sorts are “part and parcel of living in a big city”, this is still an upsetting thing to hear about. I shouldn’t have to write this post, but I feel it’s important to inform and change.

For many years, I have been (allegedly) going to Mass. Change happens. Mass is not the same beast as it was, nor shall it remain this way for long either.

No one is responsible for anyone else’s actions but their own on Mass, but as individuals we can make choices that negatively or positively influence the experiences of others. There is safety in numbers, which is why I feel safe coming on Mass throughout my time of doing so.

It’s always best to have a couple of friends around with you. I’ve ridden with many of you through the years, and I count many of you as my friends. Chill with the relaxed crew at the back and there’s a 99% chance you’ll have a great, incident-free evening.

However, if you see something that you know is wrong, you’ve got a couple of options:

If you believe yourself to be in imminent danger, cycle away. Distance is key to safety. Find people you feel safe with. Let someone know what’s happened.

If someone is in imminent danger and you do not feel safe intervening, maintain a safe distance and be loud about it. Notify other riders of the incident so as to not ride Mass into it and become a smokescreen for bad crime. Criminals hate being exposed. If you hear of an incident up front, use your discretion to split the Mass and take the rear section away.

If you do feel safe intervening, by all means, do what you feel is right.

In my experience Mass is a Forrest Gump box of chocolates. It’s a place where all should feel safe, young and old, bicycle and skateboard, wheelies and penny farthings. But decentralised anarchic principled activities have always attracted more edgy elements within the human character, for better and worse.

If you’re reading this and have been involved in theft on Mass, I’d like to ask you to reconsider your life choices, and stop bringing bad energy. People will report it, be they the victims of your actions, or other witnesses. The cops will watch us more intently and begin to ride among us like they used to, and it’ll be your fault. Except Sonia Davis; as our leader, she is always welcome to ride ♥

Ride with your friends, enjoy the road, be safe, and love to everyone radicalising non-cyclists for the upcoming spring and summer.”


Still We Ride.

I realise shit changes, but a fast start with most of the group going down a cycle lane for quite a while doesn’t really capture the spirit to this old fool…

generally I think it’s ok if the mass splits when the head is going to fast and fails to cork.

people at the front need to SLOOOOOW down

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