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Dangerous Conversations is a project born out of the struggle to end systems of domination. Our involvement in movements described as anarchist, activist, horizontalist, and so on has been at times inspiring and at other times disillusioning and frustrating. This zine is not aimed at Anarchists or Activists but at anyone who struggles against the many forms of domination that blight our lives: ableism, ageism, authority, capitalism, civilisation, caste and class systems, heteronormativity, islamaphobia, male privilege, speciesism, transphobia, white supremacy (and others that are still unrecognised).

Dangerous Conversations is intended as an intervention in business as usual. We hoped to collect texts and viewpoints that challenge the status quo in a way that, rather than (or perhaps as well as) provoking hostility, provoke constructive responses and discussion. We hope that, as much as possible, the zine becomes a place to converse and to deepen affinity. By showing solidarity with others who also see the struggle as their own struggle, even when we differ on the details, we can become stronger as a movement. Ours is a strength that comes through diversity and empathy for different viewpoints rather than the imposition of dogma and distrust.

As well as not claiming to have the answers, we are aware of the shortcomings of this project. We don’t claim to be trying to represent all of the different struggles against privilege and hierarchy that exist. We do not seek to have ownership of this project and know that it is necessary for everyone that struggles to be heard and have a place. We hope that Dangerous Conversations can be a space where marginalised perspectives can get the prominence they deserve and we hope to widen participation in the editorial collective.

These conversations are dangerous to oppressors because they threaten their privilege. They sometimes seem dangerous to us too because they threaten our own privilege. Because of this, they are important conversations to have.

We think that these ideas are important and worth discussing and would like to continue exploring them, but to be meaningful this project needs to become a conversation. We’re really keen that readers respond to and involve themselves in the project by contributing to this conversation in whatever way seems appropriate. Submissions for future publication, criticism and new ideas are all very welcome.

Contact us at dangerousconversations(at)riseup(dot)net.

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