Exposing Rochester’s Proud Boys: Joe Schifano

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Joe is the most overtly racist and antisemitic of the group.

Proud Boys almost always hide their bigotry under a veneer of plausible deniability. Ask any Proud Boy, and they’ll tell you about black Proud Boys, how racists and nazis aren’t allowed membership, how they hate communists and nazis equally. However, all over the country Proud Boys have been outed as violent racists who have no problem marching side by side with swastika-sporting neo-nazis. The extent and boldness of Joe Schifano’s racism and antisemitism begs the question – why would self-described non-racist Proud Boys like Anthony Mistretta and Michael Grove choose to organize in a far-right gang and train with firearms with a guy like Joe? More on Anthony and Michael coming soon…

When racist antisemites put on Proud Boy gear and pose with rifles, the community needs to know.

Seen in the wild, posting from his main account. This is in the comments on an article about Jewish headstones being vandalized in the area with swastikas. A tactic used by neo-nazis for decades, implying jewish people are faking hate crimes.

Joe regularly tries to influence his close friends with anti-semitic propaganda. Let’s take a look:

Apologies for the formatting, as we chose not to publish comments from the individual Schifano was conversing with.
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