Food for Free!

Food foraging – finding food which is growing in the wild – has become a bit trendy, but if you’re broke, or just want to get to know your food a bit better and practice your resourcefulness it’s actually a pretty handy thing to know about!

yellow dandelions in the evening sunshine

dandelions by jennerally

In the first show we heard about dandelions and how you can make a coffee substitute from the roots, and eat the small young leaves in salad.

a large clump of green stinging nettles

Nettles by Constance Wiebrands

This month we looked at Nettles which are surprisingly tasty! Try choose a spot that’s not too close to the road so they aren’t all grubby with pollution (which gets inside them so you can’t just wash it off) and wear thick gardening gloves to pick them.

Nettles can be eaten raw, if you crush them the stinging hairs are destroyed, you’d want to make sure you’d done it properly mind. A big bowl of nettle soup is delicious and cheap to make. There’s a great recipe for the soup and nettle risotto here from Isy Morgenmuffel and Hannah of the South Coast Vegan Cooking Zine. Yum!

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