Housing – DIY style!

If you’re sick of landlords who have stupid rules and don’t let you do anything fun, if you’re sick of not being able to live in a autonomous space where you can do fun stuff with other ace peeps, then maybe you want to live in a housing co-op…

Housing Co-Operatives buy a house together, it is collectively owned by whoever is a member of the co-op at the time, and only people living in the house can be members of the co-op. Co-Op members pay rent which then pays for the mortgage/bills/maintenance and so on. Living inĀ  co-op is often much cheaper than other accommodation, and nicer because you have a whole family of people around you! You decide collectively how to live together, what you’ll do together which might include what you eat, where you get it from, even how you decorate the house.

If you’re interested in housing co-ops and taking control of your housing, The Hive and Branches housing co-ops in Bradford are looking for new members, join in!
Both of these co-ops are part of the Radical Routes network of Co-ops.

Contact The Hive hive@riseup.net
Contact Branches branches@riseup.net

You can read more about the co-ops on Northern Indymedia

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