Listen Again to DIY or Die 5

You can listen again to the 5th show here (left-click to stream or right-click and choose ‘save target/link as’ to download and listen at your leisure.

Here is the playlist and some other tasty nuggets of info to expand your intake of awesome media! You’ll find our video of choice at the end of this blog post, keep on scrolling…

Marnie SternTransformer

Chats about the Zine Fest! in London. Katie went to theĀ  If you fancy heading down to London for some party fun times with Unskinny Bop they are next parting on the 16th July and 19th August. You can also check out a bit more info on Sheba Feminist Press here.


Interview with Colette from Woolf and one of the makers of the zine Ricochet Ricochet!

WoolfWitch (check out the video here)

K-HandsIntelligence, the Final Frontier

Chats about some cool zines we picked up at the Zine Fest! in London. Including;
Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated? by Rachel House
Adventures Close to Home, a zine about The Slits from Cherry Bomb comics.
If you want to participate in the zine project we talked about, drop us an email on

The SlitsHeard It Through The Grapevine

Mal Finch – Holloway Song (Listen to more Mal Finch here.)

TrashkitPaper (listen to more Trash Kit here)

Erase ErrataDamaged

Here is the ace video from Unskinny Bop that we were chatting about on the show;

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