Listen Again to DIY or Die Sixth Session

You can listen again to episode 6 of DIY or Die here (click to stream, or right click and ‘save target/link as’ to download and keep forever.)

We had a really great time with Louie Stafford from The Mothership Collective, live music is fun! Plus the return of Cool or Conservative, everyone’s favourite radio feature.

Here’s the playlist;

Le Tigre – After Dark

Operation Ivy – Unity (from the 1989 album Energy)

We talk to Louie Stafford about The Mothership Collective, Sapphic Traffic and, uh, Cliff Richard.

Louie Stafford – Sarcasm [Live]

Louie Stafford – Detroit [Live]

Witchknot – Floozie’s Song (from the album Squawk)

Cock and Bull Kid – I’m not sorry

Gossip – Are You That Somebody (a cover of the 1998 R’n’B pop hit by Aaliyah)

Chapter 24 – Candyfloss Albatross
Catch this band along with the amazing Pettybone (seriously, check them out) at Lady Garden 4, which is a fundraiser for Cambridge Women’s Resource Centre.

Cool or Conservative, who will disappoint you this time?

Death by Snoo Snoo – Care Bear (you can download the EP from Jamedo, i’s released under Creative Commons)

Decibelles – Bloody Bloody Whiffy Scuzzy (download the Pedro Joko album for free here.)

Video of the month this time round is this absolute gem from The Mothership Collective. Back in 2010 there was an event called The DIY Outspoken Showcase which featured Adventures in Menstruating, Scout Niblett, Josie Long plus Katie Harkin of Sky Larkin.

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