Massive Music Line-up at Dundee Together


The Love Music Hate Racism stage will kick off around 11am with Hanney’s energetic seven piece band combining dirty electro beats, guitar riffs, thought provoking lyrics and rap to produce a unique sound the band themselves  label as “Hanney-Core”.

After the short march to the International Brigade Memorial at noon, it’s back to City Square for totally oary sounds fae the Cundeez, followed by a tasty reggae set from Lefty and Friends and a sitar/tabla set from Polsitar.

Also starring are The Twist, an exciting indie rock band.who have got the riffs,the hooks and the harmonies to get you dancin’ in the streets; Bi Tilo, a Scottish East Coast band playing Traditional West African Rhythms using a variety of African instruments, such as Djembe, (lead drum) Dunduns, (bass drums) Serouba, and the 21 stringed Kora; and a set from Kim Alexander and Albert Williamson.

There will also be Street Theatre.Performance art with Theresa Lynn launching a month-long project, ‘Dundee: What has it got in its pockets?’: Lizzy Ross colouring the square; and Calum Dwyer who will be a man in a clear acrylic box 2.5 feet square x 6 feet high, inviting people to write comments on the outside of the box….

With stalls, childrens art shack, Free University seminars, a peoples picnic and more, this Saturday in the Square promises fun for everyone to share in and help celebrate Dundee’s pround tradion of inclusiveness and anti-fascism.

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