Zapatist uprising view from the Parish

The corridor was so dark it felt like it was in the basement. It was only when entering one of the rooms to the right that the huge windows facing the street could be seen. Still, strangely, the rooms were mostly colder than the corridor. At least when empty.
Paula mostly knew those rooms full of people, though. Especially right after her confirmation, although people began to stop coming to the meetings until it was just about five of them from the group of thirty that had started. Except when it was just two of them.
“What was it we were supposed to talk about today?” Asked Ara.
“I don’t know. I can’t take away from my mind what is happening in Mexico.”
“Yes, there seems to be quite big unrest, doesn’t it?”
“Yes.” Paula expected a bit more of an analysis.
“I’m baffled and overwhelmed by so much information, I can’t quite make sense of it.”
“Well, the telly is good for showing people with big guns and their faces covered. I have read the paper a bit and I am beginning to understand.
“And what do you make of it?”
“Ok, it seems they are upraising against something similar to what the European Economic Community is to here. They have the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas, or something like that. Which seems to have roughly the same objectives as the EEC here.”
Paula looked at Ara and saw that she was following.
“With the difference that the only countries that benefit from it are the United States and Canada, and the only country that ends up losing is Mexico. So I kind of agree with what they are doing. They are already the poorest of the three and the other two are taking advantage. I’m not sure about taking up arms, the violence and stuff, but I do support the reasons why they are doing it.”
“Thanks for that. Good to hear about the reasons behind it, no one seems to be talking about that.”
“So I’d rather talk about that, than whatever we had on schedule, when the rest of the people arrive. Like, where do we stand in all this, as Christians.”
“You may have to repeat all that to them too.”
“I don’t mind. It helps me put my own thoughts in order too.”