Rebellious Media Conference

Title: Rebellious Media Conference
Location: London, Euston
Link out: Click here
Description: Frustrated with the mainstream media’s coverage of war, climate change and the economy, or already making your own media?

Interested in acquiring new skills or finding out more about exciting radical media projects from around the world?

Start Date: 2011-10-08
Start Time: 12:00
End Date: 2011-10-09
End Time: 18:00

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69 db on Mixcloud

For all of you that haven’t found it yet – there are some amazing 69db mixes up on Mixcloud!

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New Mix from Crystal Distortion online- Live in ceske budejovice

Live in ceske budejovice 2011-2010 by Crystal Distortion

Simon’s been my favourite tekno liveset person for ages! There’s something about the effortless seeming flexibility and neatness of the sound combined with the truely mental that’s impossible to resist!

Here’s what it says on the tin…

GREETINGS SOUNDHOUNDS, ready for a winter workout in the comfort of your own laptop? twas a chilly autumn evening in the little town that brought budvar beer to the masses. many of those, and a few pushkin timewarps later, and this lil journey presented itself. no piss arsing around “ooh look at these glitchy tings, weehee” CRAP! here’s the real deal – crystal d tekno the way you LIKE it. the UFO’s have come to town……HEEEELP!!!!

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Bregovic & Kayah – Prawy Do Lewego

Great tune! Here are the lyrics which I found on a Polish music forum posted by Natakia.

W dużej sali duży stół
There is a big table in a big hall
A przy nim gości tłum
There are a lot of quests at the table
Gospodarz zgięty wpół
The host bend in an half *
Bije łychą w szklankę
Is hitting a glass with a spoon

Cisza chciałbym toast wznieść
Quiet! I’d like to make a toast
Jak można to na cześć
If it is possible in honour of
Ojczyzny w której wieść przyszło życie nasze hej
Our homeland in which we lead our life

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Track artwork Download artwork Bert On Beats – Antenna Of Tallinn Promo Mix

This is a great mix to promote an album coming out. A really rich mix of different instruments and vocal styles from around the world and dirty dirty rave sounds and global beats. Not bereft of some theft, methinks.

Bert On Beats – Antenna Of Tallinn Promo Mix by MANRECORDINGS

The Tallinn, Estonia based DJ fuses the rich legacy of UK bass science with the beat alchemy of Angolan Kuduro and other „New World“ genres , establishing a trans-national, hyper-hybrid sound that directs towards the future. After his first two singles „Suomo“ and „Alemão“ on Man Recordings he now presents „Antenna Of Tallinn“, his debut album.

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Radio Ngoma 7 Global Dub Resistance (2011-02-11)

Radio Ngoma 7 Global Dub Resistance (2011-02-11) by

Great Mix from Dj Zhao. This was for which is an internet based radio station in Berlin.

– 01 intro
02 Wedge – Overfiend (Gatekeeper Remix) / Eardrum – Nightblind / Mala – Miracles
03 Amina Alaoui – Itimad / L-Wiz – Smogged
04 Gargamel – Hotwax
05 23 Skidoo – G-2 Contemplation Dyed Dark / Marc Ashken Roots Dyed Dark (Skream Remix)
06 Sully – Flickers
07 Takahiro Kawaguchi & Shinjiro Yamaguchi – Hello / Guem – Viagem
08 Guem – Le Cedre / Johnny Clark / Mala – Sinners
09 Ahmed Abdullah / Steve Reid – Lions of Juda / Ramadanman – Revenue
10 coki – warlord_riddim / Andy Moor – From E to F
11 Mala – Left Leg Out
12 Muslimgauze – Red Snow
13 Substep Infrabass Monotonium / Unknown – Morrocco
14 Black Sun Empire – Cold Crysis
15 S.N.O. – Disturbance
16 Phil Thornton & Hossam Ramzy – Immortal Egypt VS Quest & Eskmo – Speakers Corner
17 Zen Militia – Pull of Guilt (Scuba Remix) / Unknown – Unknown
18 headhunter-prototype
19 Benga – The Cut
20 Sir Richard Bishop – Blood Stained Sands / Tunnidge – Face Melt
21 Therapy – Innocent X
22 Badawi – Anthrax Sandwich
23 Badawi – Evocation
24 RSD – Forward Youth
25 Grimelock feat Alchemyst – Test Your Mind
26 Eric H – The Lights
27 Danny Weed – Gator Riddim
28 Dub Collosus – Yeka Sub City Rockers
29 Dub Collosus – Azmari Dub
30 Mada Nile – Look!!
31 Robert Lee – Too Much War

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Charles Tox / Galletas Calientes Collective mix

I stumbled across this guy after he did a remix for Systema Solar’s tune Quien es el Patron. This is totally the tune that I’m looking to play at the moment, it’s been going down really well when I’ve been playing at One Tree Island at the Sally. And there’s a great mix that the guy has done as well. Check them out!

Charles seems to be on holiday playing discos in South America – which you can check out on the Myspace page. I’ll try to find out more info on how that’s going.

Charles Tox Galletas Calientes Summer Of Bass djset 2010 320mp3 by Charles Tox

Systema Solar Quien Es El Patron (Charles Tox Efectivo Rmx) #FULL# Galletas Calientes 06 by Charles Tox

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Dj Zhao – Immortal Egypt / Revolution Dub

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EN CIRCULO – chocquibtown

ChocQuibTown mixes the mostly-rural Afro Colombian music of the Pacific coast with urban rhythms from the US and the Caribbean. This is the music of the younger urban Black population of Colombia.

Almost one third of the population of Colombia is Afro descendant, but somehow they have not been included in that country’s national identity as people and culture. Although the influences of Black Colombians are obvious in every aspect of the South American country, many Colombians ignore their black compatriots contributions because of many reasons, including racism and segregation.

The above text from Generation Bass.

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Podcast: Neo-Cumbia Sounds from Colombia

Podcast: Neo-Cumbia Sounds from Colombia by Afropop Worldwide

Around Latin America, Colombia is known as the heartland of cumbia, one of the most-listened-to styles in the Americas. But in Colombia itself, cumbia’s popularity came and went in the 60s and 70s. Until now. A new generation of young Colombians are digging into Afro-Colombian roots music as a rich source for modern musical fusions. We speak with some of the hottest young Colombian artists in this movement today, including Systema Solar, Bomba Estereo, ChocQuibTown, and many more. Plus, we take a look at the neo-cumbia renaissance sweeping dance floors around the world, and take an eye to the music’s new-found global vogue among blogging hipsters and digital beatsmiths.

This is a great show – It’s some cutting edge stuff on it and Opens up the music with Systema Solar – and then heads into ‘Somos Pacificos’. Check this new shit out!!!!

I’ve been playing this stuff by accident when I got  given some tunes by Vicky and getting a Solar Systema album. It definately restarted my interest in playing out in places again (especially those chunky remixes). This sound is great methinks.

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