War Profiteer: ITT Exelis Inc

Exelis provides the IDF with parts for night vision goggles, used by crews of jets and helicopters, enabling night attacks on Palestinian villages and refugee camps. Exelis purchased arms manufacturer EDO, whose components were used by F-16 aircraft in attack on Gaza. And by drones.

In 2004, EDO (UK) Chairman Sir Robert Walmsley was called in by a UK government watchdog, the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, to answer questions about his appointments to the board of Directors of General Dynamics and EDO Corporation. For more on that revolving door issue see Blair defies watchdog over jobs for the boys.

In December 20, 2007, EDO Corporation merged with ITT Corporation to form a U.S. defense supplier.

In 2012, arms manufacturer ITT breaks up – Arms manufacturer ITT split into three independent companies. Its arms manufacturing business is renamed ITT Exelis, its Industrial Process and Flow Control division kept the ITT name, while the Water and Waste division became Xylem. The companies are listed separately on the New York Stock Exchange. Exiles is now standalone.

Also in 2012, EDO MBM in Brighton was already seeking further involvement in drone technology.

August 20, 2013, Israels Homeland Security posts Israeli companies to offer sense and avoid systems for UAS:

According to Breaking Defense the system, built by ITT Exelis, is “behind schedule” and the Navy has “made a decision to pause on the capability right now.” Navy Capt. Jim Hoke, program manager for the Triton drone built by Northrop Grumman recently said “We just need to take a hard look,” adding that the Navy might seek new bids for the system. ”All options are on the table as we look forward.” The Exelis system was to be installed on the Triton but could — conceptually — have been used by a wide range of drones.

Not all of England remained quiet. May 5th of this year, anarchists shut down Barclays in Cardiff in protest against Exelis investments.

We targeted Barclays because it’s a major investor in Exelis Inc. the parent company of the EDO Corporation which is guilty of mass-producing arms to sell to oppressive regimes, exacerbating violent conflict and suppressing legitimate protest. Barclays Global Investors UK Holdings Ltd has 5,059,591 shares in Exelis and Barclays PLC has 63,071 shares.

And on 21 July 2014, a protest for Gaza outside weapons manufacturer EDO Exelis in Brighton was held.

SmashEDO has a Month of Action against the arms trade planned for September.

More Information

Website: http://www.exelisinc.com

Profiles: SourceWatch: EDO; SourceWatch: ITT

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