Bandrui in Calafou

I am living in Calafou since this September.Before, I was here a lot of times to visit friends, participate in events, festivals, residences in Pechblenda Lab etc, but I decided that Calafou will be my base for at least one year after a nomadic-residence time changing my base any 4 months more or less :) I am starting a new stage!!!

So, some rehabilitation tasks are now in my calendary.I am preparing a workspace for me and my technical material called Bandrui :) with a lot of tentacles and collaborations with hacklab, hardlab Pechblenda, biolab and more and more.

This photo (bondage suspension) was made two days before DesvariArt event in Calafou.It was a magic point because Paola was the people who propose the witch position and the place to take this photo specifically.Bandrui was inaugurated before finishing rehabilitation in a so beautiful way :)

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