Hack the Earth

I was in Calafou some time before Hack the Earth (with two axis: Water and Land) preparing with Pin an Automation, Management and Remote Control for the Water node. Electrovalve, raspberry, node.js…Prototyping!!!You can download documentation here.This project will be continued with more implementations about rain water for garden watering and another issues relating to Open Automatization Technologies for Food Sovereignty from a Permacultural Approach.

We were together with Noish playing some “dancing” noise in the final party!!


HTE :)

O Monte Máxico_Release (Geeksha)

I have published a new release in alg-a netlabel this March.

O Monte máxico is a subjective soundscape with recordings and some generative sound with puredata. Sounds were recorded around A Lama, Chozas permacultural community, Seixo mount (celtic sanctuary).My permacultor pagan tribute.

Technical collaboration w/ Eduardo Kac


I have designed and programmed for Eduardo Kac his interactive installation Génesis (transgenic art, 1999)adapted to XXI century, mobile devices, circle mask for videostreaming, p2p live-streaming etc

The installation is right now in Y se hizo la luz exhibition, in MAC, A Coruña.

It’s an honor to collaborate with this master and pioneer in telepresence art and bio-art.


THF: TransHackFeminist in Calafou

TransHackFeminist 2014 (event which continue Eclectic Tech Carnival) happened from 4th August to 11th August in Calafou, an eco-industrial project where  several friends of mine live :).

I arrived 7th in the afternoon and I was enjoying activities. The day after, I was participating with Las Chicas de Chernobil jam (Paula Pin, Drag Dark, Del-F4610, Floren).I was playing with a PD patch customized  from dronefm by M.Brinkmann.



In Saturday afternoon, I was collaborating with GynePunk node proposed by Klau Kinki with these contents:

-An practical experience about making your homemade pH paper strips with red cabbage leaves.pH paper strips are always cheap but sometimes you don’t have them when you need and this is a good alternative!!!!


This is the final colour before tests.


Here you can see pH colour table (in this picture I was testing spirulina pH with conventionals pH paper strips).

VPH (Papilome)Guide: it’s important don’t believe in some false myths. I speaks from my personal experience + own investigation.

Later, I was interviewed by Donestech (Alex & Eva) for LelaCoders documentary about women and ex-women in tech.

Great performances and lives in a heavy fest was THF conclussion.

Thanks @cahlomoro for your pictures!