Hack the Earth

I was in Calafou some time before Hack the Earth (with two axis: Water and Land) preparing with Pin an Automation, Management and Remote Control for the Water node. Electrovalve, raspberry, node.js…Prototyping!!!You can download documentation here.This project will be continued with more implementations about rain water for garden watering and another issues relating to Open Automatization Technologies for Food Sovereignty from a Permacultural Approach.

We were together with Noish playing some “dancing” noise in the final party!!


HTE :)

Technical collaboration with Pornortopedia

I was visiting fablabedp, which belongs to MIT fabacademy network, in Lisbon this April. There I was developing (advised by my friend Ferdinand Meier ) one sex-toy prototype for Pornortopedia, project by Postop and functional diversity collective.

The documentation is coming soon (I promise!): 3d-printed clamps and motorboxes, IRremote control arduino electronics and code, playstation command hack…and everyone can feel the pleasure, receiving it and giving it!